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A Refugee--Quetta.
A Refugee Train En-Route. People Going Up in Another Train, and Talking to the Injured.
Babu Mohalla--Quetta.
Bruce Road [2]--Quetta.
Bruce Road--Quetta.
Dak Bungalow--Quetta.
Dressing Station--Quetta Railway Station.
Food for Refugees at the Mach Station.
Government Quarters--Mastung.
I.O.W. Quarters--Quetta.
Khan of Khalat's Bungalow--Quetta.
Practically the only house left standing in Quetta City.
Quetta City.
Quetta City [2].
Quetta City [3].
Quetta City [4].
Quetta Club--Quetta.
Racecourse [2]--Quetta.
R. A. F. Hangar in Quetta.
Railway Quarters--Quetta.
Railway Station--Sariab.
Refugee Camp--Quetta.
Refugees Being Fed at the Railway Station, Quetta.
Refugees Washing at the Railway Station in Sibi.
Refugee Train -- Quetta.
Refugee Train Starting from Quetta.
Residency in Quetta.
Residency Surgeon's Bungalow--Quetta.
Sandeman Memorial Hall- Quetta.
Telegraph posts at the corner of a street in Quetta City.
The Bank of the Khan of Kalat--Mastung.