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Backdrop for the treasure vault.
Backdrop with steps leading to a central passage way.
Cavern with steps leading to glass door and a hallway made of a series of columns and arches.
Chamber of Reflection leg drop with stone arch.
Cut drop of columns and timbers.
Distressed stone interior with wooden beams.
Double-sided stone facade depicting the House of the Dead.
Leg drop for the treasure vault.
Leg drop with large central arch.
Leg drop with two arches.
Photographic negative of a stone vault installation.
Rebuilding of stone interior with nine arches.
Rough draft of stone vault.
Rough draft of stone vault.
Royal arch stone interior backdrop with wooden doorway.
Royal Arch stone leg drop.
Stage left tormentor of three pieces.
Stage right tormentor of three pieces.
Stone arch cut drop for use with the stone chamber backdrop.
Stone chamber backdrop sketch.