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A practical gate, decorated with and abundance of Egyptian architectural ornamentation and cherubs.
Back drop of an Egyptian temple with two practical caryatids
Backing flat or wall panel with Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Cavernous interior with draped archway.
Classical interior with corridor leading to double multi-panel led doors.
Classical leg drop with Equity, Justice and Purity frieze.
Classical leg drop with plain frieze.
Cut drop with Egyptian architectural elements.
Egyptian crypt with central altar and two mummies.
Egyptian interior depicting the "House of the Dead."
Egyptian interior with an opening that overlooks water, ruins, and mountains.
Egyptian interior with golden entablature above red draperies.
Egyptian interior with hieroglyphics depicting the hall of justice.
Egyptian leg drop.
Egyptian variation of box set.
Gold backing for the Holy of Holies cut drop.
Holy of Holies with dark paneling.
Leg drop with Egyptian architectural elements.
Leg drop with Egyptian ornamentation.
Leg drop with H.T.W.S.S.T.K.S. (Hiram of Tyre, widow's son sent to King Solomon) keystone in large arch.