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Welcome Week interview with Harry Myers and Carol Atchety. Politics and the up-coming election with Hyman Berman
American Cancer Society. A light look at T.V. in the 50s and 60s. Southeast Minneapolis as it was featuring "Pat the Barber." Interviews with children on the world and its problems.
A romantic look at the Missisippi River
Boxing at the University of Minnesota with interviews of C.E. (Pat) Mueller, Chairman of the Department of Intramurals for Men and Coaches Bill and Earl Kane. Living conditions at the University discussed with Margaret N. Space
Cable TV: interview of Leroy Westerland, president of the North Suburban cable communications Co. Events of Hiroshima week discussed with Rich Gary of the Honeywell Project. The new cardiovascular research and training center discussed with Robert L. V...
Communication: man and God: children of God, new religious group: man and music: man and media: radio announcers and their audiences featuring Radio Station WMMR. Man and myth: satirical treatment of Wizard of Oz
Debate on interracial adoptions: pro, Kathy O'Conner; con, Edward Jordan
Earth Week 1972 with interview of Edward Finkles. Fish Enterprises director Layton Carlson interviewed. Alan Margoles interviewed on the Night Place at Coffman Union
History of the FM action and application at the University of Minnesota with interviews of Jed McCarthy, Paul Cashman and Pat Sullivan
History of University of Minnesota showboat with interview of Frank M. Whiting. Status of "Gay" people in Minneapolis. Como Park Zoo.