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Abstract of Certain Significant facts taken from the Statistical Reports of the City Associations of China for the year ending December 31, 1924. November 1, 1925
Administrative Report 1925, J. C. Oliver, Hangchow, China
Administrative Report of C. E. Scofield For 1925
Administrative Report of Eugene E. Barnett, 1925
A Letter to Mr. F. B. Lenz, [Stamped as] Personal and Confidential, Changsha, Hunan, China. July 13th, 1925
Annual Administration Report for the year 1925 of Dr. J. H. Gray, Shanghai, China
Annual Administration Report of Ralph M. Hogan, April 17, 1926
Annual Administrative Report For 1925, A. O. Long, Moukden, Manchuria, March 7, 1926
Annual Administrative Report for 1925, Mark H. Wheeler
Annual Administrative Report For 1925 of Lennig Sweet, Boys Work Secretary, Peking, China
Annual Administrative Report For 1925. Warren W. Cline. Kaifeng, China. April fifth, 1926.
Annual Administrative Report of E. H. Munson for 1925
Annual Administrative Report of R. G. Gold, Foochow, China, for the year closing December 31, 1925
Annual Report , 1925, George G. Helde, Chengtu, China
Annual Report 1925, R. K. Veryard, Changsha, Hunan
Annual Report for 1925, George A. Fitch, Shanghai
Annual Report for 1925, J. L. McPherson
Annual Report for 1925, Lawrence Todnem, Tsinanfu, China
Annual Report for 1925 of T. C. McConnell to the Foreign Committee of the National Councils of the Y.M.C.A. of the Untied States and Canada
Annual Report for the year 1925, C. W. Petitt, April 22, 1926