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Alaska and the routes of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's British Columbia coast steamers
American Express : international banking, shipping, travel and trade
Appletons' railway map of the United States and the Canadas : representing railways in actual operation, and those in course of construction, also map of the territories, showing the Pacific Railroad, gold regions, &c.
Bain's railway map of South Africa
Betts's new map of England & Wales : compiled from the latest Parliamentary documents
Bird's eye view of Lake Vermilion : the Vermilion route
Boston and Maine Railroad and connections
Bradshaw's map of the railways in Central Europe
Bradshaw's map of the railways in Great Britain : shewing the projected lines to the present time, also the line of navigation from the principal sea ports to both home and foreign stations, 1845
Colton's railroad & township map of the state of New York : with parts of the adjoining states & Canada
Commissioners official railway map of Missouri. Completed to January 1st 1888. Copyright 1887 by R.T. Higgins
Dawson's map of the Dominion of Canada 1881
Dominion of Canada
General railway map engraved expressly for the Official guide of the railways and steam navigation lines of the United States, Porto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba, comprising maps of the United States, Cuba, Porto Rico, the Philippines, etc
Geological railroad & township map of the state of Ohio
G. Woolworth Colton's railroad, township & distance map of New England : with adjacent portions of New York, Canada & New Brunswick
H. Gaze & Sons' revised map of central Europe, indicating the principal routes comprised in their system of continental travel tickets