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A combined view of the principal mountains & rivers in the world : accompanied by a table shewing their relative heights & lengt
A Map of the world (on Mercator projection) having special reference to forest regions and the geographical disribution of timber trees
Chart of the world
Chart of the world on Mercator's projection
Die erst general Tafel die Beschreibung und den Circkel des gantzen Erdtrichs und Meers innhaltende
Excelsior series map of United States and Alaska
Hemisphere occidental : dresse en 1720, pour l'usage du roy, sur les observations astronomiques et geographiques ... et dans les memoires de l'Academie Rl. des Sciences
[Mapa-mundi] : Juan de la Cosa la fizo en el puerto de S.M. en el año de 1500
Map showing the telegraph lines in operation, under contract, and contemplated, to complete the circuit of the globe
Outline of the geology of the globe, 1853.
P. Mc.D. Collins' proposed overland telegraph via Behring's Strait and Asiatic Russia to Europe, under Russian & British grants.
Principal transportation routes of the world
The world on Mercator's projection : intermediate series
The world : prepared expressly for the National Geographic Magazine, showing the political divisions, including those established after the World War.
Track chart of the World
Welt-Eisenerz Karte : (The iron resources of the World)