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Aisne et Champagne
Carte du front français d'après la carte d'Europe publiée par la Société d'Editions géographiques, maritimes et coloniales
Carte du théätre sud-occidental de la guerre Européenne (front Italien)
Complete war map of western Europe
Daily Telegraph war map of the Western Front
Europe after the great war : approximate boundaries, January 1920
Flemmings grosse spezialkarte vom Belgischen und Franzósischen kriegsschauplatz
Hammond's large scale war map of the Western Front ; Hammond's large scale war map Italian Front
Map of Europe : showing countries as established by the Peace Conference at Paris
Map of the western battle front from Ostende to Verdun
Map of the Western Theatre of War
Map to illustrate the Meuse-Argonne Offensive : first, second, and last phases
Peace map of Europe : July 4, 1918
Philip's large scale contoured map of the Anglo-French front
Red, white and blue liberty war map, showing the fighting fronts of the United States Army and her allies : from London, Eng. to Basel, Switzerland
Strategic map of Central Europe showing the international frontiers
Subject nationalities of the German alliance : from the Allies' peace terms as stated in their reply to President Wilson's note of 19th Dec. 1916 : [Eurasia]
Teatro della guerra europea