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A Networked Framework for Visualization and Analysis of Volumetric Datasets
Applications of monomial ideals and computational algebra in the reverse engineering of biological networks.
Cellular Information Processing in the Face of Promiscuity and Sloppiness
Current Issues in Understanding Complex Biological Networks
Inferring an underlying reaction network from the data
Learning the Network Structure of Cortical Microcircuits
Mathematics Making Sense of Sensors
Mean Field Games on Infinite Networks and the Graphon-MFG Equations
Multi-Scale Control of Energy Networks
Network coverage via homology' coverage in sensor networks
Network Science: From the Web to Human Diseases
Network topology as a source of biological information
On the Impact of Measurement in Network Analysis: Examples from Social, Communication, and Biological Networks
Popularity versus Similarity in Growing Networks
Predicting Quntitative Diversification of Multicellular Phenotype
Reconstructing network evolution in biological systems.
Sensor networks and coverage
Sequential change-point detection for Hawkes processes over networks
Sheaf Homology on Networks
Small networks and synchrony