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Algebraic Topology as Applied to a Problem in Statistical Mechanics
Alpha-helical Topology and Tertiary Structure Prediction of Globular Proteins
A rigorous multiscale bridge connecting atomistic and coarse-grained models
Categorification of Reeb Graphs
Community Detection in Networks: SDP relaxations and Computational Gaps
Computing Topological Persistence for Simplicial Maps with Application to Data Sparsification
Defects in Smectics and their Combination Rules
Effect of Dynamic Network's Topology on Performance and Stability
From Homogenization to Linear Dispersion Relations in Periodic Structures
Geometry and Topology of Large Random Spaces and Groups
Letting Loops Loose
On the Effect of Geometry on the Topology of Data
On Vehicle Localization: From Geometry to Topology
Statistics for a Computational Topologist, Part I
Theory and Practice for Topological Filters
The Topology of Evolution
Topological Inference in fMRI / Dimension Reduction
Topological Transport of Phonons at the Nanoscale
Topology and data
Tutorial on Topology Optimization