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Advance from Cawnpore of Windham's Division, to meet the Cwalior Army, November 26th 1859
A Nautch in the Palace of the Ameer of Sind.
Ancient Gateway at Deig.
Arrival at Cawnpore of the Relieved Garrison of Lucknow, Nov 28th 1857
Broken Bridge over the Burkutah.
Calcutta, From Chouringee Road.
From the Fort Allahabad, Looking up the Jumna.
Gallant Attack on Windham's Small Force on the Gualior Contingent
Hindoo Temple near Sasseram.
Mausoleum of Zufdir Junge, Delhi.
Pavilion at the Tomb of Zufdir Junge,- Delhi.
Pursuit of the Gwalior Contingent, by Sir Colin Campbell, on the 6th December 1857
Remains of Wheeler's Entrenchment, Cawnpore.
Ruins at Deig.
Scene in the Zenara at Futtehpore Sikri.
The Choue, Delhi.
The Fort of Monghir.
The Rajmahaj Hills, Bengal.