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An Ancient Hindoo Temple, in the Fort of Rotas, Bahar.
A Nautch in the Palace of the Ameer of Sind.
Ancient Gateway at Deig.
Dusasumade Gaut, at Bernares, on the Ganges.
Eastern Gate of the Jummah Musjid at Delhi.
Gate Leading to a Musjed, at Chunar Ghur.
Gate of the Tomb of the Emperor Akbar, At Secundra, near Agra.
Hindoo Temples at Agouree, on the River Soane, Bahar.
Hindoo Temples at Bindrabund on the River Jumna.
Mausoleum of Sultan Chunsero, near Allahabad.
Mausoleum of Sultan Purveiz, near Allahabad.
Mausoleum of Zufdir Junge, Delhi.
Near Currah, on the River Ganges.
North East View of the Costea Bhaug, On the River Jumna, Delhi.
N.W. View of Rotas Ghur, Bahar.
Part of the City of Patna, on the River Ganges.
Part of the Palace in the Fort of Allahabad
Pavilion at the Tomb of Zufdir Junge,- Delhi.
Raje Gaut, the Principal Road up to Rotas Ghur, Bahar