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Accuratissima totius Asiae tabula : in omnes partes divisa, de nova correcta, ac in lucem edita
A chart of the coast of Pegu : with the adjacent coast of Arakan and Tanasserim
A chart of the coasts of Spain and Portugal, with the Balearic Islands, and part of the coast of Barbary
A chart of the east Indian Ocean : from Cape Guardefoy to Cochin on the coast of Malabar.
A corrected chart of part of the Persian Gulph
A General map of the new settlement called Transilvania
A large Draught of the Mallabar coast : from Bassalore to Cape Comaroone.
A Map of Coromandel, shewing the Seat of War on that Coast
A map of the north part of Hindostan or a geographical survey of the provinces of Bengal, Bahar, Awd, Ellahabad, Agra and Delhi
A map of the United States.
A mapp of New England
A new & accurate map of Asia : drawn from actual surveys, and otherwise collected from journals ; assisted by the most approved modern maps & charts. the whole being regulated by astron. observations
A new and accurate map of the Empire of the Great Mogul, together with India on both sides the Ganges and the adjacent countries
A new discription [sic] of Carolina
A newe mape of Poland
A new map of present Asia : dedicated to his highness William Duke of Gloucester.
A new map of the whole continent of America : divided into North and South and West Indies wherein are exactly described the United States of North America as well as the several European possessions according to the preliminaries of peace signed at Versailles Jan. 20, 1783
A new, plaine, and exact map of Asia : described by N.I. Vischer and rendered into English, with the habits of the countries and manner of the cheife citties
A plan of Madras and Fort St George.
A plan of the boundary lines between the Province of Maryland and the three lower counties on Delaware, with part of the parallel of latitude which is the boundary between the provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania