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1924 road map of New Jersey
1925 First National touring map : state map of main highways and lakes of Minnesota
1929 Indiana : motor trails are calling
1929 official road map, Wisconsin
1929 Socony road map of New England
A map of England & Wales with part of Scotland : on which are laid down the whole of the roads described by Cary's New Itinerary 1803
A new map of England and Wales : adapted to Cary's New Itinerary, shewing the whole of the roads, direct & cross, contained in that work
A new map of the Baltick &c. : shewing all the dominions about it with ye great or post roads and principal cross-roads
A new map of the cross roads described in Cary's New Itinerary : with figures of reference prefixed to the roads, showing the page in the work where the same is described
Automobile Club of Minneapolis' county road map : showing all the roads within a radius of seventy-five miles from the Twin Cities
Automobile road map of the United States : including southern Canada and northern Mexico
Automobilkarte fúr Ober- und Niederósterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Kärnten, und Burgenland
Bacon's cycling road-map of England & Wales
Bacon's motor road map, England & Wales : showing roads, distances and railways
Bartholomew's contour motoring map of Central Europe showing the best touring roads with heights and distances in metres and kilometres
Betts's new map of England & Wales : compiled from the latest Parliamentary documents
Carlton County, Minnesota
Carta chorographica de Portugal : Contendo a divisäo administrativa por concelhos e o estado da rede ferro viaria e das estradas ordinarias no fim do anno de 1901
Carta d'Italia : speciale per automobilisti, ciclisti e turisti alla scala di 1:250,000 in 35 fogli
Carte automobilistes & cyclistes : environs de Paris, sud-ouest