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Arches of the original Old Main campus building
Construction of Kirby Student Center
Exterior of Bohannon Hall
Exterior of Conservatory
Exterior of Humanities Building with young trees and three students walking
Exterior of Marshall Performing Arts Center shortly after completion, with Sieur du Luth Statue in foreground
Exterior of Marshall W. Alworth Hall and Planetarium, with parking lot in foreground
Exterior of Residence Hall Dining Center shortly after completion
Exterior of Tweed Museum of Art
Groundbreaking ceremony for new Village Apartments. Pictured are Bruce Gildseth, Lawrence A. Ianni, Tom Reagan, Jeff Hilgert, Sam Solon, and John Weiske
Kirby Building with Rock Hill in background
Old Main campus building
Students playing winter vollyball near a dorm building
Students seated around Sieur du Luth Statue near Tweed Museum of Art
Students sitting on grass near Marshall W. Alworth Hall
The UMD campus at night in the winter
UMD's Old Main campus following a fire on February 23, 1993
A.B. Anderson Hall
A.B. Anderson Hall dedication
A.B. Anderson Hall dedication