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Student selling UMD Freshman beanies
Students at 1960 Fall registration
Students boarding the intra-campus bus
Students in the Kirby Student Center between classes
Student sitting on her bed in a Burntside dorm room
Students outdoors on Cap and Gown Day
Students playing winter vollyball near a dorm building
Students pushing a snow-covered car
Students seated around Sieur du Luth Statue near Tweed Museum of Art
Students sitting on grass near Marshall W. Alworth Hall
Students studying in the Tweed Museum of Art
Student with Freshman beanie recieving medical examination
The 1963-64 UMD Statesman staff
The 1992-93 UMD Statesman staff
Band plays in Kirby Student Center at Freshman Orientation
Camp staff member takes attendance on bus before departing for Freshman Camp
Coffee House musician with guitar
Crowd of students gather on stairs outside at Freshman Camp
Crowd of students, many wearing freshman beanies, at Freshman Orientation
Department of Aerospace Studies table at Freshman Orientation