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A brief account of the rebellion of the Amerindians in Paraguay and the role played by the Mission Amerindians in coming to the aid of the settlers in 1646., 1636-1658.
Accounting of expenses incurred in litigation between Padre Juan Francisco de la Castañeda, Provincial of the Indies and the aforementioned heirs., December 14th, 1729.
Account of a Portuguese plan to invade the port of Buenos Aires., July 31, 1649
Account of liquidation of Jesuit properties at San Juan de la Punta., October 2nd, 1773.
Account of revolt in Corrientes., October 6th, 1766.
Account of the destruction of missions and other damages incurred as a result of Portuguese slave raids., 1637.
Account of the occupation of the Jesuit college at Potosi and subsequent inventory of goods and properties therein., 1767.
Account relating to Don Fray Bernardino de Cardenas, bishop of Paraguay., date unknown
Visita and account of two victories obtained by the mission Amerindians. The first in Borere (sic) and Burua, the other in Apiterebio., 1641-1642