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Multiscale Set Estimation in Biomedical Inverse Problems
Computer Vision in Movie Production: Problems and Expectations
Travel Time Tomography, Boundary Rigidity and Electrical Impedance Tomography
Identification of an Inclusion in Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography
Optimal low-rank approximations of Bayesian linear inverse problems
Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging and Computer Vision
Appraisal Analysis in Geophysical Inverse Problem: Tool for Image Interpretation and Survey Design
The inverse problem of inferring transit-time distributions from tracer observations in the ocean
Thermoacoustic Tomography - Reconstruction of Data Measured under Clinical Constraints
The Partial- Approach to Approximate Inverse Scattering at Fixed Energy in Three Dimensions
Tomography Problems on Graphs
Multiterminal Network Tomography
Subspace-driven observation selection strategies for linear Bayesian inverse problems
Rise of the machines (in MR image reconstruction)
Statistical and computational aspects of subsurface imaging
Regularization based on all-at-once formulations for inverse problems
Exploiting Sparsity in Solving PDE-Constrained Inverse Problems: Application in Subsurface Flow Model Calibration
Inverse problems
Inverse problems in Acousto-Optic Tomography
The Convex Geometry of Linear Inverse Problems