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Autos and other documents relating to the declaration of administrative independence of the Junta of La Plata from the junta de Aplicaciones of Lima., 1782-1784.
Autos, announcements and bids on the various properties of the ex-Jesuit college of La Paz., 1767-1798.
Autos relating to Don Diego Pover's claim upon a sum of money belonging to (owed from?) Padre Ignacio Falcon, Jesuit Procurador General of the province of Quito, now controlled by the Junta de Temporalidades., 1760-1767.
Bequest of the rents accruing from his office as essayist and founder at the Royal Mint to the Santo Desierto Descalzos., 1647.
Bound compilation of autos relating to the assessments and transfers of the charities and ex-Jesuit properties of Querétaro., 1785-1790.
Bound manuscript account of the earthquake of Lima., circa 1685-1688.
Brief history of Catholic and Protestant missionary activity and the role of Jesuits therein., Undated.
Catalogue of documents relating to the expropriation of the Jesuits., 1767.
Compilation, in form of a bound manuscript, of the privileges accorded to the Jesuits in the Indies., circa late 18th-early 19th century.
Compilation of statements defending the Jesuits expelled from Asunción in 1735., circa 1738.