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Chart of the East India Islands : exhibiting the several passages between the Indian and Pacific Oceans; inscribed to the comman
A description of the Bay of Fundy : shewing y[e] coast, islands, harbours, creeks, coves, rocks & sholes, soundings & anchorings &c.
Plan of Cajelie Bay on the Island of Boero.
PLAN of MUSCAT COVE and MUTRAH HARBOUR : Surveyed in 1785
A chart of the coasts of Spain and Portugal, with the Balearic Islands, and part of the coast of Barbary
Hemisphere occidental : dresse en 1720, pour l'usage du roy, sur les observations astronomiques et geographiques ... et dans les memoires de l'Academie Rl. des Sciences
Eldridge's chart from Cape Cod to Belle Isle : including the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence and banks of Newfoundland, with plans on a large scale of the coast of Nova Scotia from Cape Canso to Pictou, the coast of Cape Breton from Scatari to Sydney, and the harbors of St. Johns N.F. St. John, N.B., Halifax, Miramichi, & Cape Canso
A chart of the Indian Ocean : improved from the chart of M. D'Apres De Mannevillette ; with the addition of a part of the Pacifi
Chart of the straits between Denmark and Sweden : shewing the passage from the Kattegat through the Sound to Copenhagen Road; and thence through the grounds to the entrance of the Baltic