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American Express : international banking, shipping, travel and trade
Map exhibiting the experimental and located lines for the New-York and New-Haven Rail-Road
Map of the rail roads in the United States in operation and progress : to accompany a report from the Treasury Department
República Argentina : superficie, población, ferro-carriles, cultivos y ganados
International Railways of Central America : map & condensed profile of existing, proposed, & subsidiary lines
Dawson's map of the Dominion of Canada 1881
Tourists' & cyclists' road map of England & Wales : sheet 11
Betts's new map of England & Wales : compiled from the latest Parliamentary documents
Bradshaw's map of the railways in Central Europe
Bradshaw's map of the railways in Great Britain : shewing the projected lines to the present time, also the line of navigation from the principal sea ports to both home and foreign stations, 1845