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India, Afghanistan, Beloochistan, Burmah and Siam
Carte du royaume de Suède : comprenant la Suède propre et la Norwège et du Ronanne de Danemarck
Chart of the straits between Denmark and Sweden : shewing the passage from the Kattegat through the Sound to Copenhagen Road; and thence through the grounds to the entrance of the Baltic
General chart of the Baltic or East Sea including the gulfs of Botnia and Finland : compiled from the surveys made by order of the admiralties of Copenhagen, Stockholm & St. Petersburgh
City of Saint Paul, Minnesota : map showing material of street pavements
Denmark, Sweden & Norway
Rail road and sectional map of Wisconsin
Railroad map of Illinois
Siege of Delhi. : Plan of the British position maintained from 8th June to 14th Sept. 1857.
Map showing peat deposits of Itasca County, Minnesota