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9 to 5 with Karen Nussbaum, author of 9 to 5: The Working Woman's Guide to Office Survival
Abortion Clinics: Violent and Non Violent Protest with Dorothy Feming, and Jeri Rasmussen
Adolescent Women: Their Values and Concerns with Dr. Gisela Konopka
A Feminist Dialectic in the 1980s with Toni McNaron, University of Minnesota Professor of Women's Studies
A Feminist Ethic with Jackie Kinderleher
Affirmative Action and Women with Darlene Siedschlow and Teddy Bell
Affirmative Action, Going, Going, Gone? with Pat Reuss
Alice Doesn't... and other Women in Film with Pat Aufderheide
A Muslim Feminist View of Women in Islam with Dr. Aziza al-Hibri
Androgyny with Gayle Graham Yates