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A New Twist Step-parameter Coupled to the Chirality of the Global Structure of DNA
Approaches to Understanding the Origin and Management of DNA Stiffness
Assessing the Ability of Continuum Solvation Models to Accurately Model Nucleic Acid Electrostatics
Biological applications that utilize DNA Topology۬
Breaking DNA Double Helix by Bending Stress
Chromatin Compaction as a Topological Problem
Closing the Loop on Protein-DNA Interactions
Design, Analysis, and Modeling of Protein-DNA Loops
Discovery of Significantly Mutated Subnetworks in Cancer
DNA dynamics in confinement and complex electric fields
DNA electrophoresis in microfabricated arrays
DNA Mechanics: Deformation and Recognition
Full Subgraphs
Identification of rare alleles and their carriers using compressed se(que)nsing
Mining Rare Human Variations using Combinatorial Pooling
Nucleosome and Chromatin Structure and Dynamics Studied by Fluorescence Techniques and Computer Modeling
Nucleosome Dynamics Probed by Torsional Manipulation of Single Chromatin Fibers
On Erdos-Ko-Rado for Random Hypergraphs
Part 1: The nonlinear dynamics of DNA/polymers in extensional dominated flows: Solutions and melts Part 2: Margination of micro- and nano- particles in the flow through microchannels
Part II: DNA Statistical Mechanics/DNA Dynamics
Structure and Dynamics of the Four-way DNA Junction
Torque in Stretched and Twisted DNA
Tutorial: Cost effective sequencing of rare genetic variations