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Does shear banding exist in polymer solutions?
Dynamics of flowing polymer solutions I
Existence results for some micro-macro models of polymeric flows
Hierarchy of models for entangled polymers
How well does the €œstandard€  tube model for polymer dynamics work?
Hydrogels--Wet Elastic Materials
Lecture 8: Methods for polymer models. Coarse grained models for mesoscale simulation, and methodology such as dissipative particle dynamics.
Mesoscopic simulation of the dynamics of confined complex fluids
Micro and macro in the dynamics of dilute polymer solutions
Network Formation and Ionic Conduction in Polymer Electrolyte Materials
Numerical Path-Integration Computation of the Transport Properties of Polymers Nanoparticles and Complex Biological Structures
Polymeric threads: formation and instability
Rheological properties of polymer melt between rapidly oscillating plates: an application of multiscale modeling
The effects of polymer molecular weight on filament thinning & drop breakup in microchannels
Turning polymeric liquids into theorems (continued)