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Andrea Stanislav, Multimedia Artist, on her Work, February 2009
Andy Sturdevant, Artist, on his Work, December 2012
Bill Foley, Photographer, and Andrea Stanislav, Professor of Art, on Dubai, December 2009
Brian Kelley, Artist, on his Paintings, February 2013
Carey Bagdassarian and Elizabeth Mead, Sculptor and Chemist, on Emergent Properties, February 2013
Christine Baeumler, Artist, on her Work, December 2012
Christine Kliesen Wehrman, Pastor, on Theology in Art, July 2013
Dana Whitco, Director of the Center for Creative Research, on the CCR, February 2013
David Strom, Artist, on His Paintings, July 2012
Diane Katsiaficas, Professor of Art, on her Inspiration, January 2013
Elizabeth Erickson and Patricia Olson, WARM Gallery Founders, on the Women's Art Institute, February 2013
Erika Holmquist-Wall and Donald Myers, Curators, on Swedish Art, November 2012
Iain Biggs, Professor of Art, on his Work, October 2012
Interview with Susan Weinberg, Writer, Artist, Genealogist.
Jack Becker, Artist, on Public Art, October 2009
Jan Estep, Professor of Art, on her Current Projects, January 2013
Jan Estep, Professor of Art, on her Current Projects, November 2007
Joyce Lyon and Howard Oransky, Curators, on Feminist Art, February 2013
Joyce Lyon, Howard Oransky, and Christina Michelon, Curators, on the Women's Art Movement, February 2013
Linda Gammel, Photographer, and Sandra Menefee Taylor, Multimedia Artist, on Roots of Renewal, February 2013