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Hybridism, hybrid of Pinnated and Sharp-Tailed Grouse, illustration from The Wilson Bulletin, XXX, March 1918, F.C. Lincoln
Map of North America in Cretaceous Age image from Henry Fairfield Osborn, "Origin and Evolution of Life"
Map, zoological geographical of North America from the 4th Province, 3rd E.S. A.C.U. Checklist
Sapsucker work, trees in wood, image from Bird-Lore magazine
Swift, edible nest, image from William Beebe, "The Bird Its Form and Function"
Bell Museum of Natural History Negatives, 1898-1940s
Brown Thrasher nesting place in porch vine showing whole house
Brown Thrasher nesting place on porch vine showing nest
Hunting dog belonging to James Ford Bell
Mrs. Gaylord Davidson, Frances S.