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Al Hoda silver jubilee
Board members
Board of directors
Board of directors
Board of directors
CCI visitors
CCW directors
Composing room
Composing room
Computer typeset
Co-Operative Builder
CPA Annual Meeting
CPA staff
Detroiti Ujsag [Detroit Hungarian News]
Editor and linotypist
Editorial staff
Editorial staff
Editorial staff
Eirēnikos, Volume 6, Number 267
English for newcomers
Eteenpain staff
Family reads the newspaper
Federal Theatre Plays: Prologue to Glory. "PIC", July 12, 1938. (Page 6, 7, and 8)
Finnish newspaper
Foreign Language Newspaper dinner
Foreign language press delegation
George "Mike" Wastila
Globe (Printing Company) Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gwiazda polarna [Northern Star]
Hairenik [Fatherland]
Henry Koski
Henry Koski at the office
International Institute English class
Job press
Job press
Job press
Karol Jaskowlski in front of the 'Polish-American News' office
Kenneth D. Miller and F. Hornicek reading newspapers in northern Moravia
Kis dongo [Clean fun]
Latvju domas [Latvian thoughts]
Les Blancs insert from The New York Times, December 6, 1970.
Linotype setter
Linotype setters
"Lonnie Elder Talks of Theater in Black and White". The New York Times, February 8, 1969.
Manager and staff
Minneapolis Tribune Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota