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Anselm Hollo, Poet and Translator, on his Life, March 2007
Caridad Svich, Playwright, on her Work, April 2013
Carla Nappi, Professor of History, on Old Chinese Dictionaries, December 2012
Charles Baxter, Professor of English, on his Writings, November 2009
Christopher Fischbach, Publisher, on His Work, Aug. 2014
dc edwards, Author, Mar. 2016
Emilie Buchwald, Children's Writer, Mar. 2014
Emma Maris, Writer, Apr. 2015
Eva Hudecova, Translator, May 2015
Geoffrey Sirc, Professor of English, on his Teaching, February 2010
Holly Day & Sherman Wick, Authors, Nov. 2011
Interview with Andy Sturdevant, Writer and Visual Artist.
Interview with Bryan Boyce, Cow Tipping Press, & Vince Fiorilli, Contributor.
Interview with Larry Johnson, Storyteller and Writer.
Interview with Margaret Rogers Barrett, Writer.
Interview with Nor Hall, Therapist and Writer.
Interview with Roger Morris, Poet, Minneapolis Writers Workshop.
Interview with Susan Weinberg, Writer, Artist, Genealogist.
Interview with Wendy Brown-Baez, Writing for Healing.
Joe Gergen, Author, on His Work, July 2014