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A 'Y' Entertainment at the Front.
Coblenz, Germany
Columb... Field (A.E.F. Athletic Finals, June 1)
Comrades in Service Inauguration. Pres. Wilson at the Palais de Glace, Paris.
Corner of the Café
From the window of the Y on the aviation field at Trier.
Homer Rodeheaver at the Palais de Glace, Paris
Push-Ball in France.
Smokes and Writing Paper for the Pioneers
The Hut on the Rhein. Andernack.
Untitled [Soldiers outside Building]
W... R... Station, Germany. "Y" Tent and Movie Screen.
YMCA Hanger Theater Andernach
YMCA Theatre at Aix-les-Bains, France
"Y" Rolandseck, Germany
"Y" Tonnerre
Y' Truck Returning from the Front