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Peter Shea, Creator of the Bat of Minerva, on the Show, January 2005
Peter Shea Introduces the Austria & Germany Series, Aug. 2014
Katrina Vanderberg's Bat and the Circulation of Ideas: Peter Shea, Mar. 2014
Site, Incitement, and the Bat of Minerva: Peter Shea and Danny Robinson Clark, Nov. 2013
Kirill Thompson, Professor of Foreign Languages and Literature, on Confucianism, September 2011
Susan Wagner Ginter, Painter, on Painting, September 2012
Bill Brandt, Farmer, on his Practice, July 2012
Randall Curren, Professor of Philosophy, on Sustainability, March 2010
Charles Baxter, Professor of English, on his Writings, November 2009
Ryan Batalden, Organic Farmer, on His Farm, August 2012
Chuck Reinert, Naturopath, on his Practice, July 2012
Adair Rounthwaite, Art Historian, on Participatory Art, November 2010
Ray Gonzalez, Professor of English, on Teaching Poetry, March 2010
John Davis, Educational Administrator, and Shanti Pothapragada, Student, on Civic Service, February 2008
John Davis, Educational Administrator, on Education, May 2007
Kathy Jensen, Actor and Writer, on Acting, August 2010
Marlene Jack, Professor of Ceramics, on her Pottery, February 2013
Amy Howard, Professor of American Studies, on Public Housing, February 2010
Richard Altenbaugh, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education, on Education and Society, March 2011
Richard Wilk, Professor of Anthropology, on Civilisation, March 2011