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Fourteen new cotillons or French dances as perform'd at the opera at Paris, &c., with curious figures and directions to each.
Baseball game at the Hill School - Niagra Falls and Pfohl wedding - Scenes of winter in Duluth - Guilford "Gil" Hartley driving a car - Bulls fighting at Hartley Stock Farm
Guilford and Cavour Hartley's winter road trip to the Western United States, Reel B
Hartley family and friends at home - Wolf Lake Camp - Easter 1940 - Fourth of July 1941 - Shogomoc Sugar Camp - T-O-Bar Ranch, Red Lodge, Montana - Elisabeth Stewart Hartley's Commencement at Bennett Junior College, Millbrook, New York - Hockey Game - Rocky Mountains
Hartley family and friends at Wolf Lake Camp - Carrie Eliza Woodward Hartley's birthday party
Hartley family at home – Allandale Farm – Wolf Lake Camp – Birthday parties – Dog sledding – Biplanes – Hartley Field in the winter - Home of Hugh Kahl in Georgia - Congdon property at Bois Brule River, Wisconsin – Foot race - Carrie Eliza Woodward Hartley’s birthday party – Lester River
Hartley Stock Farm - Carrie Eliza Hartley's grandchildren
Picnic at the Hartley home - Logging and carving ice blocks at Wolf Lake - Sledding at Wolf Lake Camp - Summer at Wolf Lake Camp - Spillway at Allandale Farm - Birthday party for Carrie Eliza Hartley - Ducks - Parade for President Calvin Coolidge in Duluth - Ore boat on Lake Superior
Trip to Jamaica – Big Wolf Lake beach – Hartley family at home – Winter at Wolf Lake Camp – Easter egg hunt - Todd's first birthday party – Taft School hockey games - Roger Cavour Hartley's Commencement at Taft School - Duck hunting – Deer and bear hunting at Wolf Lake Camp
University of Michigan Ann Arbor - Bill and Kay Freiburger at Wolf Lake - Seaplane - Duck Hunting - Sarah Winthrow MacPherran Hartley