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Ostrakon 1
Manuscript 3: French Manuscript
Manuscript 4: Historia ecclesiastica
Manuscript 6: Commentary on psalms
Manuscript 9: 11th century (southern Germany)
Detroit Marathon Spot
D. M. Ferry & Co.'s Wholesale Price List of Seeds in Bulk, December 1902
Field notes, March 1968 - September 1970 (Box 17)
Ege Manuscript 1
Manuscript 37: Sacramentale
Manuscript 50: Book of Malachi (3.13 - 3.18) with commentary
Minneapolis Law Center, Elevations north and east; Exterior sheet 6
Minneapolis Law Center, Elevations south and West; Exterior sheet 5
Sperry/Burroughs Name Change Ceremonies
Manuscript 44: Bible. Book of 1 Chronicles (ch. 1, vs. 17-46 with commentary).
Ege Manuscript 2
Ege Manuscript 3
Ege Manuscript 4
Manuscript 51: Gospel lectionary, readings from Matthew 6 and 8
Manuscript 39: Book of Prayers, Psalms 131:11-134:7.
Latvian choir
Ege Manuscript 5
Ege Manuscript 6
Ege Manuscript 7
Ege Manuscript 8
Estoria de España (also known as Primera cronica general de España).
Manuscript 13: Psalter leaf, Psalm 19:8 through Psalm 21:6
Manuscript 14: Breviary leaf
Manuscript 19: Commentary or sermon on the incarnation of Jesus Christ in the tradition of the Thomists or Franciscans
Manuscript 21: Unidentified, 13th century
Manuscript 2: Grammatical treatise
Manuscript 33: Bible, Psalter/ Psalm 52:1-53:2
Manuscript 35: Chain of Psalms and prayers
Manuscript 42: Book of Hours. Leaf from a Book of Hours of the blessed Virgin Mary.
Manuscript 60: Bible, Psalms / Psalter with commentary from Augustine and Cassian, Psalm 18:13 - 20:4
Manuscript 30: Vellum leaf from a Dominican "Portable Bible"
Ege Manuscript 14
Ege Manuscript 15
Ege Manuscript 16
Ege Manuscript 17
Ege Manuscript 18
Manuscript 55: Decretalium Gregorii papae IX compilationis, 3.28.11 - 3.30.1
Manuscript 27: Breviary
Manuscript 8: unidentified
Theorica planetarum.
Manuscript 48: Book of Macabees 7:31 - 9.9/9.10 - 10.1
Manuscript 49: Musical notation with text of mass - mostly psalms - as well as instruction.
Manuscript 1: Bond for 40 denarii (of Liege)
Manuscript 31: Bible, Psalter leaf: Psalm 139:12-14; Psalm 140; Psalm 141:2
Ege Manuscript 19
Ege Manuscript 20
Ege Manuscript 21
Ege Manuscript 22
Manuscript 11: Contrat de vente between a Jehan Marier and Jehan Boulanger
Manuscript 12: Bestiarium-possibly an excerpt from "De natura reram"
Manuscript 15: Book of Hours leaf (Sarum Use)
Manuscript 16: Book of Hours leaf [Sarum Use]
Manuscript 23: 14th century manuscript of the "sentences" of Peter Lombard
Manuscript 26: Leaf from Book of Hours
Manuscript 34: Bible, Tobit 12 :12- 14 :12
Manuscript 59: Bible, Ezekiel 27:35 - 28:22
Portolano del Adriatico e Mediterra, late 14th century.
Manuscript 5: Charter on vellum of John, son of Henry de Fretone
Ege Manuscript 10
Ege Manuscript 11
Ege Manuscript 12
Ege Manuscript 13
Ege Manuscript 23
Ege Manuscript 24
Ege Manuscript 9
Ege Manuscript 25
Ege Manuscript 26
Manuscript 20: Book of Hours leaf [Sarum Use]
Manuscript 57: Missal, readings in Tridentine Latin Mass for 4th and 5th Sunday after Easter
Manuscript 56: Missal, Dominican Order
Changjiang xian jie tu
Changshu xian jie tu
Chongming xian jie tu
ChunQiu Wu guo jin tu
Dong Han Wu jun jing tu
Jiading xian jie tu
Kunshan xian jie tu
Ming Suzhou fu jing tu
QinHan Kuaiji jing tu
San Guo Liu Chao jun jing tu
Song Pingjiang fu jing tu
Sui Tang Wu Dai zhou jing tu
Suzhou fu cheng tu
Suzhou fu xue tu
[Suzhou fu zhi tu]
Wujiang xian jie tu
Wu xian jie tu
Yuan Pingjiang lu jing tu
Livres des Propriétés Choses:  Low Countries, early 15th century
Manuscript 54: Missal, Franciscan Order (not specifically identified)
Breviarum ad usum Sarum. [Fragmentum] England, early 15th century, on vellum
Detail from Album of initial capitals, 1500s-1737 (bulk 1500s), Volume 1, Page 01, Line 1, Item 01, Et
Detail from Album of initial capitals, 1500s-1737 (bulk 1500s), Volume 1, Page 01, Line 1, Item 02, E
Detail from Album of initial capitals, 1500s-1737 (bulk 1500s), Volume 1, Page 01, Line 1, Item 03, Sru
Detail from Album of initial capitals, 1500s-1737 (bulk 1500s), Volume 1,  Page 01, Line 1, Item 04, B