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Gauger Notebook
Interview with Jack Liebenberg
Interview with John H. Howe
"Territorial Integrity" of Cyprus Turkish Style
American Indian Curriculum Committee 1969 (Box 49, Folder 6: Temp)
American Indian Learning Resource Center
American Indian Student Council Documents 1958 (Box 38, Folder 3: Temp)
American Indian Student Council Miscellaneous 1959-1969 (Box 38, Folder 6: Temp)
American Indian Student Council Research Project 1969 (Box 38, Folder 7: Temp)
American Indian Student Cultural Center
American Indian Studies Department
Chicano-Latino Learning Resource Center
Chicano Studies department history and articles, 1973-2006 (Box 1, Folder 4)
"COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Busted" University of Minnesota Duluth social media posts
Department of American Indian Studies Self-Survey Report, 1976-1977 (bound volume) (Box 35, Folder 21)
Report on Task Force on American Indian Concerns 1977 (Box 33, Folder 17)
"Save Chicano Studies" Group, 1 of 2, 2003-2004 (Box 1, Folder 6)
Task Force and Committee Reports on Chicano Studies and Chicano Student Concerns, 1977, 2002 (Box 1, Folder 8)
Bocks Flower Shop, Sheet 1
Business Building Erected for Mr. B.N. Schneider