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Jacob Fisher speeches, 1939 (Box 1, Folder 8)
Correspondence and reports, December 1967-1968 (Box 11, Folder 7)
White pine, red pine, spruce in abondoned pasture after closure of farm.
Som and Knight Saythany
Cesar Emilio Mendez
Leyla Pacha
Nomadic Stories, Nomadic Identities: performative projects as processual tools in the struggle to reclaim identity and empower Indigenous women
Ecuador pink angel's trumpet
Felipa Guevara
Sergio Medrano
Santiago Estrada
Allison Royer
Georgette Tadros
Ibrahim Roba oral history, March 27, 2023
Tasissa Moti oral history, March 9, 2023
Johara Mohammed oral history, March 1, 2023
Apple Zestar (Registered)
Daylily 'Hemerocallis
Iris 'Yosemite Sam'
Weeping Norway spruce (Spring)
Luu Nhat Tam Ngyuen
Lillian Gamm
Sarah Reyes
Yeshi Gongpatsang
Yubin Sun
Chersu and Ka Vang
Emilee Xayanourom
Ernesto Torres
A Distributed Linear Solver via the Kaczmarz Algorithm
Approximations to Classifying Spaces from Algebras
Best Practices A Data Scientist Should Know
Braids and Hopf algebras
Creating Value in PE Using Advanced Analytics
Daylily 'Christmas in Oz'
Decomposing Low-Rank Symmetric Tensors
Decomposition of topological Azumaya algebras in the stable range
Effective constructions in algebraic topology and topological data analysis
Equivariant methods in chromatic homotopy theory
Graph Clustering Dynamics: From Spectral to Mean Shift
Great Spangled Fritillary
Gromov-Hausdorff distances, Borsuk-Ulam theorems, and Vietoris-Rips Complexes
Homology crowding in configuration spaces of disks
How Well Can We Generalize Nonlinear Learning Models in High Dimensions??
Integrative Discriminant Analysis Methods for Multi-view Data
Intelligent Randomized Algorithms for the Low CP-Rank Tensor Approximation Problem
Interview with Margaret Deirdre O'Hartigan
Lecture (Remotely)
Limits of Dense Simplicial Complexes