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Glenn Davis Stone, Professor of Anthropology, on Corporate Agriculture, September 2011
Sarah Whiting, Photographer, Apr. 2016
Members of Avatan Nude Recreation Camp (1/6), June 2015
Reeva Wortel, Visual Artist, on Portraits, January 2012
Carey Bagdassarian and Elizabeth Mead, Sculptor and Chemist, on Emergent Properties, February 2013
Ryuta Nakajima, Artist, on Zen and Marine Biology, March 2011
Juhani Pallasmaa, Architect, on the Role of Architecture, April 2010
Interview with Peter Rothstein, Theater Latte Da Cofounder.
Joshua Page, Professor of Sociology, on Prison Workers, October 2010
Guerino Mazzola, Professor of Music, on Gesture, February 2007