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David Wiggins, Park Ranger, on the Mississippi Flooding, May 2011
David Strom, Artist, on His Paintings, July 2012
David Milroy, Playwright, on Aboriginal Theater, September 2008
David Gaines, Actor, on Acting, August 2011
David Chang, Professor of History, on Native American Land, May 2008
David Beard, Professor of English, on I. A. Richards, September 2008
Darlene St. Clair, Multicultural Resource Center Director, May 2015
Dan Trudeau, Urban Social Geographer, Mar. 2014
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on Preparation, Sep. 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on his Wife Mattie, Jan. 2014
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on his Early Life, Jul. 2013
Danny Robinson Clark, Actor, on August Wilson, Aug. 2013
Daniel Block, Professor of Geography, on Mapping Food Access, March 2011
Dan Burk, Professor of Law, on the Fallibility of Evidence, November 2007
Dana Whitco, Director of the Center for Creative Research, on the CCR, February 2013
Dakota Hosta, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Dafna Naphtali, Composer, on her Process, February 2013
Cristina Pippa, Playwright and Screenwriter, Apr. 2016
Craig Hassel, Food Scientist, Nov. 2015
Conevery Valencius, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Cletus Wessels, Dominican Priest, on the New Universe Story, 2006
Claire Leslie, Human Rights Worker, on her Practice, April 2012
Cindy Patton, Professor of Sociology, on AIDS Treatment, April 2010
Chuck Reinert, Naturopath, on his Practice, July 2012
Christopher Roberts, Professor of Law, on Human Rights, April 2012
Christopher Morris, Environmental Historian, Apr. 2015
Christopher Fischbach, Publisher, on His Work, Aug. 2014
Christoph Conrad, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Christine Kliesen Wehrman, Pastor, on Theology in Art, July 2013
Christine Baeumler, Artist, on her Work, December 2012
Christian Koeberl, Director of the Vienna Natural History Museum, Sep. 2014
Christian Chvosta, Coffee Shop Owner, Oct. 2014
Christian Ahorner, Chef, Sep. 2014
Chris Kosowski, Gardener, July 2014
Chris Citron, Exhibit Curator, on the Life of Minna Citron, Feb. 2014
Cherif Keita, Professor of French, on Mali, November 2012
Charlotte Bruckermann, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Charles Palermo, Professor of Art History, on Artistic Agency, February 2013
Charles McGovern, Professor of American Studies, on the History of Popular Culture, February 2013
Charles Baxter, Professor of English, on his Writings, November 2009
Chandos Brown, Professor of American Studies, on Public History, February 2013
Cathy Jordan, Prof. of Pediatrics, Dec. 2015
Catherine Meier, Visual Artist, Apr. 2014
Catherine Levesque, Chair of Art History, on Dutch Landcapes, February 2013
Cary Wolfe, Professor of English, on The Silence of the Lambs, December 2008
Caryl Clark, Professor of Musicology, on Franz Joseph Haydn, March 2008
Caroline Walker Bynum, Professor of Medieval History, on Western Spirituality, September 2008
Caroline Halliday, Textile Artist, Sep. 2015
Carla Rahn Phillips, Professor of History, on Spanish Naval History, October 2009
Carla Nappi, Professor of History, on Old Chinese Dictionaries, December 2012