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Cary Wolfe, Professor of English, on The Silence of the Lambs, December 2008
Caridad Svich, Playwright, on her Work, April 2013
Brad Hokanson, Professor of Design, on Creativity, December 2009
Bill Foley, Photographer, on Photography, February 2009
Amy Kaminsky, Professor of Women's Studies, on Jewish Argentina, November 2011
Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Professor of Architecture, on Post-WWII Israeli Architecture, December 2009
Adam Zientek, Professor of History, on the Psychiatry of Warfare, December 2011
William Moseley, Professor of Geography, on African Development, October 2011
Tae Hong Park, Composer, on New Music, February 2013
Sister Helen Prejean and Mary Ann Antrobus, on Nicaragua, May 2011