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Erika Donald and Xenia Pestova, Musicians, on the Digital Orchestra Project, February 2009
Joel Ryan, Composer, on his Music, February 2009
John Cayley, Poet, on Electronic Literature, February 2009
Keir Neuringer, Composer, on Improvisation, February 2009
Megan England, Sound Artist, on her Work, February 2009
Susan Buck-Morss, Professor of Political Philosophy, on Visual Imagery, February 2009
Terry Pender, Composer, on his Music, February 2009
Rita Raley, Professor of English, on Electronic Literature, February 2009
Tamara Underiner, Professor in Theater of the Americas, on Contemporary Mayan Theater, March 2009
Ann Marie Barry, Professor of Communications, on the Neurology of Visual Communication, March 2009
Juliette Cherbuliez, Professor of French, on the Medea Myth, March 2009
George Lewis, Composer, on Computer Music, April 2009
Michael Fortun, Professor of Science and Technology Studies, on his Ethnographies, April 2009
Guillaume Boccara, Professor of Anthropology, on Chilean Indigenous People, April 2009
Eric Avila, Professor of Urban Planning, on Cities, April 2009
Andrew Light, Professor of Environmental Ethics, on Climate Change, April 2009
Robin Gilette, Director of the Fringe Festival, on the Fringe, July 2009
Ryan Hill and Heather Stone, Actors, on the Sandbox Theatre, July 2009
Matt Huber, Postdoc in Geography, on the American Oil Lifestyle, September 2009
Carla Rahn Phillips, Professor of History, on Spanish Naval History, October 2009
Jack Becker, Artist, on Public Art, October 2009
Nabil Matar, Professor of English, on Accounts of Captivity, October 2009
Simon Gikandi, Professor of English, on Literary History, October 2009
Josephine Lee, Professor of English, on Theater, October 2009
Patricia Hampl, Professor of English, on Lyric Poetry, October 2009
John Watkins, Professor of English, on Early Modern English Literature, October 2009
Ellen Kennedy, President of World Without Genocide, on Combatting Genocide, October 2009
Olive Bieringa, Choreographer, and Bryce Beverlin, Physicist, on 1/2 Life, November 2009
Robert Hammel, Filmmaker, on Filmmaking, November 2009
Stacy Alaimo, Professor of English, on Transcorporeality, November 2009
Charles Baxter, Professor of English, on his Writings, November 2009
Leonard Marcus, Author, on Margaret Wise Brown, November 2009
Michael Dennis Browne, Professor of English, on Poetry, November 2009
John Harwood, Professor of Architectural History, on Corporate Architecture, November 2009
Julie Schumacher, Professor of English, on her Writing, November 2009
Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Professor of Architecture, on Post-WWII Israeli Architecture, December 2009
Bill Foley, Photographer, and Andrea Stanislav, Professor of Art, on Dubai, December 2009
Brad Hokanson, Professor of Design, on Creativity, December 2009
Amy Howard, Professor of American Studies, on Public Housing, February 2010
Kelly Quinn, Professor of American Studies, on Puppets, February 2010
Geoffrey Sirc, Professor of English, on his Teaching, February 2010
Deborah Jenson, Professor of French, on Mirror Neurons, March 2010
Shirley Nelson Garner, Professor of English, on Shakespeare, March 2010
Margaret Crawford, Professor of Architecture, on Garage Sales, March 2010
Paula Findlen, Professor of History, on Leonardo Da Vinci, March 2010
Randall Curren, Professor of Philosophy, on Sustainability, March 2010
Ray Gonzalez, Professor of English, on Teaching Poetry, March 2010
Mark Zmudy, Professor of Health, on Adventure Education, April 2010
Tom Conley, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, on Cinema, April 2010
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, on The Laramie Project, April 2010
Cindy Patton, Professor of Sociology, on AIDS Treatment, April 2010
Juhani Pallasmaa, Architect, on the Role of Architecture, April 2010
John Bohannon, Science Writer, on Dancing Your Ph. D., April 2010
Jane Kirtley, Professor of Media Ethics and Law, on Freedom of the Press, April 2010
Rebecca Scott, Professor of Sociology, on Coal Mining, April 2010
Maria Fitzgerald, Professor of English, on her Writing and Teaching, May 2010
Raymond Geuss, Professor of Philosophy, on Doing Philosophy, May 2010
Judith Jack Halberstam, Professor of English, on her Writings, June 2010
Robert Gilmer, Postdoc in Native American History, on Oil and Water, June 2010
Stan & Gladys Friesen, Inventors of Gladcorn, July 2010
Ann Waltner, Professor of History, on Matteo Ricci's Map, July 2010
Evalyn Parry, Playwright and Musician, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010
Savannah Rhomberg-Reich, Playwright, on Theater, August 2010
Kate Elise, Director, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010
Kathy Jensen, Actor and Writer, on Acting, August 2010
Ted Farmer, Professor of History, on Humanity, August 2010
Gulf History and Ecology: Robert Gilmer, Sep. 2010
Peoples of the Gulf, Flooding, and Dead Zones: Robert Gilmer, 2010
Oil Spills, Environmentalism, and Regulation: Robert Gilmer, Sep. 2010
Oil Spills in the Gulf and Alaska (Q&A): Zygmunt Plater, Sep. 2010
Oil Spills in the Gulf and Alaska: Zygmunt Plater, Sep. 2010
Mike Tidwell, Author and Filmmaker, on Climate Change, September 2010
The Politics of Oil: Robert Gilmer, Oct. 2010
Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, on Conventional Economics, October 2010
Moving to Green Economies of Plenitude: Juliet Schor, Oct. 2010
Moving to Green Economies of Plenitude (Q&A): Juliet Schor, Oct. 2010
Joshua Page, Professor of Sociology, on Prison Workers, October 2010
Containing the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Oct. 2010
Public Responses to the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Regulation and Moratorium after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Environmental Restoration after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Adair Rounthwaite, Art Historian, on Participatory Art, November 2010
Fishing Closures and Contamination after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Rebuilding the Gulf Coast after the BP Oil Spill: Robert Gilmer, Nov. 2010
Don Davis, Cultural Geographer, on the Louisiana Wetlands, November 2010
Post-Oil Urbanism: Barry Lehrman, Dec. 2010
Matt Sobek, Microdata Manager, on Census Data, February 2011
Magne Ove Varsi, Sami Rights Leader, on Sami Rights
Maran Wolston, Philosopher, on Philosophy and Multiple Sclerosis, February 2011
Thomas Wolfe, Professor of History, on His Life, February 2011
Daniel Block, Professor of Geography, on Mapping Food Access, March 2011
Psyche Williams-Forson, Professor of American Studies, on Food, March 2013
Richard Wilk, Professor of Anthropology, on Civilisation, March 2011
Ryuta Nakajima, Artist, on Zen and Marine Biology, March 2011
Robert Lang, Origami Master, on the Frontiers of Origami, March 2011
Frederic Neyrat, Philosopher, on Anti-Humanism, March 2011
Brett Walker, Professor of History and Philosophy, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
Lisa Ann Richey and Stefano Ponte, International Studies Researchers, on "Compassionate Consumption", March 2011
Jeffrey Broadbent, Professor of Sociology, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
Jim Lutz, Professor of Architecture, on Architecture in Haiti