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Interview with Andy Marra
Interview with Dr. Andrew D. Badley
Interview with Harper Jean Tobin
Interview with Dr. Nathan T. Chomilo
Interview with Kristen Ehresmann
Interview with Jenna Rapues
Forestry Tree Tube Footage, Lilydale Regional Park, St. Paul, Minnesota
Interview with Debra DeBruin
Damanta Basnet
Gray Birch
Measuring the Happiness, Health, & Stories of Society through the Sociotechnical Dynamics of Social Media and Fiction
Hummingbird nest
Order in Disorder: Modeling the Crumpling Dynamics of Thin Sheets
Polynomial Time Guarantees for the Burer-Monteiro Method
Finding Effective Spreaders for Fast Communication in Small and Large Networks
Interview with Shawn Demmons
Elena Hernandez
Machine Learning Techniques for High-Dimensional Optimal Transport
Quantile-based Iterative Methods for Corrupted Systems of Linear Equations