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Image of man zippering his lip. Poster promotes vigilance
Immortality : Samuel Bronston presents ... "Jack London"
I'm out to lick runaway prices : let's all follow the 7-key plan to hold prices down : 1. buy ... war bonds. 2. pay
In action with the anti-aircraft : keep 'em puling for : victory
In an air raid... : don't stand and stare at the sky : take cover at once
In an air raid ... : how to fight a fire
In an air raid ... : if you are at home : at night see that your blackout is complete : turn off all gas taps, then
In an air raid ... : if you are out of doors : get under cover at once : if in the open with no cover -- lie down :
In an air raid ... : what motorists must do : by day : park your car off the main highway close to the kerb. : obey
In a raid -- : do not rush, take cover quietly, then others will do the same..