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Young Warbling Verios
Young wheat plants in research plots, West Central Experiment Station, Morris, Minnesota. Principal Investigators: Robert H. Busch and Ruth Dill Macky.
Young wheat plants. Principal Investigator: Robert H. Busch.
Young, Whitney
Young woman in dress
Young Woman Meeting McCarthy
Young Woman Talking to McCarthy
Young women holding a canoe at Camp Menogyn
Young Women in Statuary Hall
Young women members of the Sunshine Club in Virginia, Minnesota
Young women! : nurses are needed : you are needed too : prepare for nursing by entering training schools
Young women perform a demonstration for a YMCA exhibition, Chile
Young women's group
Young women's group
Young Women Sitting
Young women snapping beans at Hachsharah farm in Anoka, Minnesota
Young women wearing YMCA shirts inspect two chickens, Senegal
Young workers league
Young workers league
Young workers league