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Letter from J.C. Davis to Robert P. Harris, 1878
Letter from Mrs. H. W. Davis to King's Gateway Hotel, Duluth, Minnesota
Sons of Italy Junior Lodge conference
The Girls' Degree Team
American Public Welfare Association. "Study of Attendance in Negro Elementary Schools," 1932. (Box 16, Folder 20)
Casework. Civil Rights. (Box 6, Folder 19)
Higher Education. Desegregating the Washington Branch of the American Association of University Women. (Box 6, Folder 18).
Lawsuit between Don Pedro Dávila and Don Francisco Xavier de las Casas over the lease of Indian lands in the parish of San Damián at Guaranga de Checa in the province of Huarochirí, Peru,
A Battery of Britain's giant coastal-defence guns mounted on railway trucks.
A British "Blenheim" bomber of the coastal command aids a British destroyer in smashing a German submarine