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Scrophularia leporella
Scrophularia leporella
Scrophularia marlyandica, pods open at top
Scrophularia nectaries, illustration
Scrub and Pin Oak
Scully Music Studio, Dinkytown, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sculpture Room in Holman Building. Kathleen Nash and visiting professor
Scutellaria galericulata
Sea and Skyscape
Sea and Skyscape
Seaberg, John A.
Seales, John: Crane Lake (Box 03, Folder 16)
Seal of the Syrian and Lebanese American Federation, Eastern States
Seal, University of Minnesota
Seamen's House YMCA
Sea of Galilee, southern end
Searles, Colbert
Seascape cut drop.
Seascape with an island in the center of the composition.