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Saengmany Ratsabout
Afhugan Foot Soliders in their Winter Dress.
"Atmaran" Hindoo of Peshawar.
Bala Hissar and City of Kabul, with the British Cantonments from the "Ba. Maroo" Hill.
Chief Executioner and Assistant. / Mahomed Naib Shurreef
Chiljie Women, of the lower orders./ Khoja Padshauh, A Ko-i-staun Chief, with his armed retainers.
City of Kandahar. Its Principal Bazaar and Citadel.
Dost Mahommed King of Cabul and his youngest son.
Dourraunnee Chieftains in Full Armor.
Encampment of the Kandahar Army under General Nott.