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Rose and Jay Phillips check in at the Mount Sinai Hospital Women's Auxiliary Annual Ball, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rosenbloom-Schanfield wedding portrait, Tower, Minnesota
Roy Beer's Presentation
Rudolph's Furniture Store, Duluth, Minnesota
Ruth Melamond, Dr. Owen Wangensteen, and Luella Maslon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
S1000 OCR Reader Demonstration
S3600 Document Processing System
S3900 OCR Remittance Processing System
Sabre jet cockpit
Sabre jet nose
Sage Missile Loading
Saginaw Building
Saginaw Building 2
Sales demonstration van exterior
Sales demonstration van exterior
Sales demonstration van interior
Sales demonstration van interior
Salesman training class
Salesman walking
Salesmen in front of Rudolph's Furniture Store in Duluth, Minnesota