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Sam Schwartz, a horse trader in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sam Solomon at his business, Master Cleaners, International Falls, Minnesota
Samuel Rosenboom in his shoe repair shop, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sam Wiener and his family at his Bar Mitzvah party in St. Paul, Minnesota
Sam Ziff in front of a generator, St. Paul, Minnesota
Sam Ziff in front of a generator, St. Paul, Minnesota
Satellite stand and bank subtractor machine
Savannah branch employees
Science Center Executive Overview
Scrap pile in Northwestern Iron and Metal Yard, Duluth, Minnesota
Second Annual Summer Center Day at the Jewish Educational Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Seder at the home of Rabbi Solomon Silber, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Segelbaum Family members at their home, Albert Lea, Minnesota
Semi-Annual Conference of the Northwestern District Organization Committee of the Workmen's Circle, St. Paul, Minnesota
Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) scale model
Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) tracking tower
Senator Walter Mondale, Rabbi Robert Shapiro, Rabbi Max Shapiro and Mayor Naftalin, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Seniors dancing, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sensimatic machine service instruction
Series G printer-punch machine