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18th Century, Aalst
1899 Price List of Small Fruit Plants and Seed Potatoes Grown by Henry Field (reprint)
1899 March  in IL and AL
1898 Hammond's Gem Collection flyer
1898 Davenport Nurseries Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees
1893 incomplete (missing cover, damaged pages), Plant Seed Company
1893 INCOMPLETE DESCR. CAT (starts on pg 65), Stark Bro's Nurseries
1892 for Stark Bro
1888 Wholesale Price List of Delhi Nursery, Fall 1888
1888, Plant Seed Company
1886 -EST 1845 incomplete (no cover, first few pages damaged), Plant Seed Company
1886-1946 Julius Shanedling Sixtieth Anniversary in U. S. of America, Radisson Hotel Sept. 12, 1946
1885 Dorr's Iowa Seeds, C.W. Dorr and Co. Seedsmen
1883 incomplete (back ads torn out), Archias' Seed Store Corp.
1881 May postcard with varieties
1877, Plant Seed Company
1863 State of Minnesota
1860 State of Minnesota
1851 State of Minnesota