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Year Book and Official Rosters of the National Councils of the Young Men's Christian Associations of Canada and the United States of America, 1960
YMCA of New York Annual Report, 1960
YMCA urban work records. Leo Marsh report, 1960. (Box 5, Folder 17)
YMCA urban work records. Leo Marsh study, 1960. (Box 5, Folder 16)
YMCA urban work records. Service Areas of Group I YMCAs - Lansdale, 1960. (Box 4, Folder 2)
YMCA World Service, Picture of the Month, March 1960
Young members of the Ukrainian folk ballet
12th Semi-annual report, 1960-1961 (Box 2, Folder 21)
Achievement Awards
Activities, 1944-1963. Newburgh Plan. Newspaper and Magazine Coverage. (Box 31, Folder 11)