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View of Island Farm
View of Kafarshima, a village in Lebanon
View of Kenneth. D. Miller s room he rented during his stay in Bohemia
View of "Lost Timber" from road
View of Mount Sinai Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota
View of Mount Zion Temple, St. Paul, Minnesota
View of new addition to Temple Israel synagogue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
View of old barn now replaced by modern structure, 1917 or earlier
View of one of the locks in the Soo Locks from the W. H. Gilbert
View of Page, North Dakota, on Hartley Stock Farm
View of part of a forest and cliffside
View of part of the shore of Wolf Lake
View of railroad tracks going through a logging camp in the forest
View of rapids and a waterfall on a river
View of rapids on a river
View of rapids on a river
View of Rice's Point in Duluth
View of scaffolding at a mining site
View of several barns at Hartley Stock Farm
View of several buildings and cabins in Duluth